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We have a new home for our Community!

By Evan Martinez posted 08-28-2019 08:57

I wanted to be the first to share the exciting news that this summer we will be introducing a brand-new Community site.  This update will provide the Community with a modern look and feel, and lots of improved functionality to help make it easier than ever to connect and collaborate with other members. The best part is that there is no need for a new bookmark because the Community will still be found right where it's always been at "community.quickbase.com".  

This is a big step for us because it allows the Community to evolve beyond simply being a place to ask and answer questions.  As always, you'll be able to collaborate with other Quick Base problem-solvers, but the new Community will also be a central hub for members to find out about the latest Quick Base news, sign up for local events, share and celebrate successes, provide feedback, and even connect with like-minded app builders from similar industries or job functions. 

Of course, every change comes with questions so I thought it would be nice to pass on some additional information and give everyone an opportunity to ask follow-up questions right here. If you're interested in a little more detail about what's coming or want to see what this will look like then read on! 

What is staying the same?

  • The URL for this Community will be the same after the change
  • We will still have a forum focused for posting Questions and Answers like the community we have today 
  • Relevant Community content will still show up in the search within Quick Base itself
  • You will still sign in with your Quick Base credentials
  • All the existing content and posts that have been created since February 2017 will still be available
  • Content from before 2017 that is still popular, or has been active since February 2017, will also continue to be available
What is changing?
  • A totally revamped look and more user friendly UI to simplify everything from signing in, to posting questions and attaching pictures or videos to your posts
  • A dedicated space to learn about our releases and Quick Base News including events
  • Job boards for finding or posting about new opportunities
  • More robust profiles to tell other users more about yourself and your passions
  • The ability to connect directly with other users and message one another in the Community
  • Support for sub-Communities, allowing members create spaces to connect and collaborate with other people who share their interests, are from the same region, or even work at the same company (more details on how to sign up will be published soon) or regional/interest based user groups to get their own mini Community to connect and collaborate in their own space (more on how to sign up to come)
  • Lots of other awesome functionality but if I don't stop myself I could go on all day!
What can I do to help?
  • Continue to be the awesome community member you are today
  • Keep your eyes peeled for the details of the actual timing of our launch 
  • Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the update, it is our number one priority to make the transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible
  • If you have any content that you absolutely love and would be sad to see go make sure it has had a comment since February 2017 or let us know and we can add it to our list. (We will be keeping an archive of everything just in case something does get missed)
Sneak Peak 

Here is a sneak peek of the new look and design for those of you who, like me, believe that a picture is worth a thousand words: 

The home page will become a hub that makes it easy to find things that are relevant for you 

Discussions will be easier to follow and contribute to

User Groups and Sub-Communities will have their own homes



08-15-2019 21:21

Hi Mary Beth,

The Ask Me Anything with Jay is going to be hosted live in the new Community on the 27th right in the AMA thread. Any questions you ask in our announcement will be transferred over ahead of the event happening and answered live or you can also ask them during the event when it all goes live. 


08-15-2019 20:02

Will you be sending out a webinar link for the meeting on August 27th?
I tried to sign up yesterday,but the site was being "worked on" & it wouldn't allow me.

08-15-2019 18:09

As an update for everyone who has been following this thread we are going to be launching our new Community on Tuesday the 27th. As a result next week, starting Monday the 19th, we will be putting our current Community in read only mode until the 23rd when our new Community site will be live. The new community home will be live on the 23rd of August with the migration finalized. 

This means that the Community will be read only in the interim between the 19th and 23rd so that we can do the migration work necessary. If users run into issues at the time they would want to put in a case with our Care Team to receive help with their issue and we will be working as fast as possible to restore access to the Community. Certainly let me know if you have any questions and thank you in advance for your patience while we work on the new home for our Community. 

08-08-2019 14:23

Hi Austin,

Yeah that can be a tough one for a migration to make sure that content that points to other content is cleaned up. It is something we are trying to work on in advance of the move in marking things that will need to be updated. Then we will be trying to go back and do clean up to make sure that things that are linked to are replaced if they were removed and are still relevant and that links are updated. There may be times where people will run into those broken links but as part of moderations we hope to reduce the number of times that happens and then update them when we can.

The good thing is this time around with all the previous posts being archived via Quick Base we will be keeping a full catalog of archived content and we will have the old links for all the content saved as well so we will have a reference to pull from. When we move into the new community platform I would say if anyone stumbles upon a broken link like that they should message me and I'll do my best to fix it if it was missed. 

08-07-2019 20:01

I finally found an example of a post that was broken with the previous forum change, from the intuit forums. In this post there is a link to a solution that no longer works because the forum URL structure changed at some point. 


The bad link is this "https://quickbase-community.intuit.com/questions/994665" and the correct link now would be "https://community.quickbase.com/quickbase/topics/how-to-use-bootstrap-with-quickbase".

Luckily Dan left the title of the post there so it was easy enough to find with a search but that isn't usually the case. 

I've just seen a lot of forums lose their old data when changes like that happen. The post is still there yes but it is more taunting than anything when the links are broken. I'm not even sure of how to avoid that but that is my main concern with a change like that.

07-31-2019 20:12

Evan, will you please email me, or post your email address? Thanks!

07-30-2019 18:06

Hi Austin,

For popular we are looking at a combination of articles that have high view counts over their lifetime as well as things that are getting hit regularly via search engines, etc to make sure we aren't getting rid of content that is being just accessed regularly. We also have a list of articles that we redirect to in the product that we will be setting up as well that goes beyond the February 2017 timeline we set. 

In regards to activity it is conversations that have had a reply or activity on the actual thread since February of 2017, essentially anything that has had any activity since we moved to our current Community. Then there is a span of time beyond that we are looking at manually if they meet a certain threshold of viewership or specific themes that are still popular and relevant. Questions with no responses or with very low viewership (As in almost nothing over their lifetime) will be getting archived.

Everything from the current Community back to 2012 will be getting archived and can be recreated if we need to but we are using this as an opportunity to spring clean out a lot of content that is no longer relevant or outdated as the product has changed. That does open the possibility of us missing a few things as we have content spanning from 2012 to today. If there is something you refer back to regularly and would like to make sure it gets brought over I would suggest adding a comment to it if you have it bookmarked and you don't see anything on it since before February 2017 just to be safe.

07-30-2019 17:57

Evan told me at EMPOWER that all threads with recent Activity would be copied over and he said that ALL older posts would be either be carried over by some other automated flagging or else all threads which were eligible to be left behind, would be hand (human) reviewed to have the opportunity to be flagged for relevancy and carried forward. 

I hope that is true. 

I also expect that the automated rules will carry forward threads which were linked to by a post that is being carried forward, as its most upsetting to follow a link to an answer only to find that the target of the link does not exists.    I don't know how they will preserve those links, but that is what we need.  :)

07-30-2019 17:47

  • Content from before 2017 that is still popular, or has been active since February 2017, will also continue to be available
What makes content popular? What is the way you guys are filtering this? Same question for active, what will make a post active in the eyes of QuickBase?

Frequently I look at older content to get answers and it doesn't always have a lot of posts. Some of the posts from 4-5 years ago are not relevant at this time but many of them still are. It would be a shame to lose anything honestly but I understand it isn't always avoidable.

07-29-2019 21:14

Crushing it, Evan.

07-29-2019 14:30

Hi Leanne,

To answer your second question first, since it is the easier of the two, after the update you will be able to have a link in your profile to LinkedIn and a number of the other popular social platforms if you would like. It was something we wanted to have to help with exactly what you mentioned. 

For the launch we don't have an integration with User Voice in the works since it is running on another service at this time. We are looking very closely at the feedback process though and how we can make it better and more accessible. It is something we are thinking a lot about, we want to make that process more responsive and working on consolidating those duplicates so the votes and feedback do not get lost. Thanks so much for your questions!

07-29-2019 14:22

Thanks for all the info on this, it is very exciting! One thing that is probably a big ask, is there anyway that you guys can work to match this system up with the UserVoice system possibly by keyword or something? It would be really helpful to have links to "Similar User Voice Requests", it could help to allow users to accurately apply their votes in the moment that they have a requirement and limit duplicate entries in the User voice that water down actual votes on a topic.

Second big ask, anyway to link an account to a LinkedIn profile? Would be helpful for the job board portion and the user group section.