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Quick Base Builder Challenge - Employee Engagement Survey

By Freddie Sabbs posted 08-30-2019 11:19

Welcome to our first Quick Base Builder Challenge, a series we're launching to help new and experienced builders challenge their skills and get exposure to new concepts. In this challenge, we'll walk you through the process of building a survey or questionnaire application in Quick Base. We hope this challenge inspires you to find new and innovative ways to use Quick Base.

About this Challenge
One excellent way to use Quick Base is to capture employee or customer feedback through a survey or questionnaire. In this challenge, we'll walk you through the process of creating a quick employee engagement survey. Here you can see an example of the end result (https://team.quickbase.com/db/bpejrde48?a=nwr*). As you can see we've only added a few questions, but this form can be as long or as short as you want it to be. This is the perfect chance to ask your employees all those burning questions your leadership team has or even whether they prefer Thai or Greek for the next lunch order.

For this very first challenge, you will have to accomplish the following tasks: 
  • Create a new Quick Base application 
  • Create a table to store your survey data 
  • Add fields to capture responses 
  • Modify a form to require certain fields 
  • Create a Role so that your users are not able to see other people's responses 
Let's get started! Don't worry the community and our team here at Quick Base will be here to help answer any questions as you go! 

Builder Challenge-Engagement Survey

1. From the My Apps page, click "Create new app"

*If you aren't set up to create applications in your Quick Base Account our Builder Program might be a great place for you to build apps, develop and advance your skills, and explore new features. If you want to learn more about getting a free personal account for building non-production apps that never expires, click here

2. Select "Start from Scratch" and click "Next"

3. Name the app "Internal Feedback App"
4. Give it a description: "We use this app to capture any employee feedback (don't forget to sign your app!) Made by: Me"
5. Change the Icon
6. Click "Create App"

Congrats you are now in your new app!

7. Click "New Table" and select "From Scratch"
8. Fill in those required fields and give your table and records a name then click "Create"
  • Table Name: "Surveys"
  • A single record is called a "Survey"
  • Don't forget to pick an Icon for your new table
  • You can skip the description this time

9. Add at least one Field Label and Type (If you want some suggestions we have a few below or you can use your own)
10. Click "Add"
  • If the field type is Text-Multiple Choice or Multi-select Text, then we are going to ask for a list of choices for your users to choose from
  • Otherwise, "Exit Settings" in the top left-hand corner of the page 
If you decide to go the multiple-choice route, you can offer these up for choices
  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Neutral
  • Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree

11. Click on the "Surveys" Table and click "New Survey"

12. Click "Customize this form" in the upper right-hand corner

13. Make all fields required
14. Change Multiple Choice fields to radio buttons

15. Save the form
16. Click "Home" and click on "Settings"
17. Under the Basics column, click the "+New" button that appears next to Roles

18. Name the Role "Employees" and click Ok
19. Looking at your new Employees role under the Permissions Tab, select the "check" icon under Add then click "Exit Settings"

20. Click on the "Users" Tab

21. Click on the "+Share app with new users" option
22. Add the email address quickbasetraining@quickbase.com and assign it the new "Employees" Role 
23. Click "Add" and then "Send" along that invite
24. Congratulate yourself on your brand new app and Challenge Complete!



04-02-2019 02:01

Done! I just completed the "Challenge - Employee Engagement Survey" 

03-22-2019 13:52

I've always appreciated any Quick Base app that includes a table to capture end user feedback on the app to drive future iterations, so this is a great challenge use-case concept if you are just getting started with learning how to build!

03-21-2019 17:40

yes this would be perfect for a first time user or beginner. It familiarizes the user with how to get started quickly and easily..  the builder app is fantastic for people just learning so they can try things out as well as a great resource for more experienced users to test their theories as well. i would love to be able to copy my smaller apps without data into the builder app so that I can play around

03-21-2019 17:29

So we need a more challenging challenge! ;-)

Thank you for the feedback. I imagine a certified builder like yourself found that quite easy. Would you see this as an appropriate challenge for a colleague of yours unfamiliar with Quick Base?

03-20-2019 20:35

It's a good starter challenge.. Not so much of a challenge for me but definitely a good introduction to Quick Base's ease of use for newer developers.

03-20-2019 20:18

That's great, Ann! What did you think of the challenge?

03-20-2019 17:20

Completed :)