Quick Base Release Notes for December 2019

By Evan Martinez posted 12-11-2019 10:07


Full details on our December release can be found in the release notes hosted in Quick Base Help:

Our December release, with the features and fixes listed below, will be available December 15th, 2019.

Release Features
  • New Sandbox feature
  • Create an app with Visual Builder
  • Disconnect a Sync table

My Apps links updated

Early Access Opportunities
New Table Reports-Sign up in our early access app and select Using Apps under Early Access Categories

These highlighted features and more (including bug fixes) can be found in further detail in our December release notes. To keep up with upcoming releases and status updates for the Quick Base Platform you can always check our Status page.



12-20-2019 04:54

Today I made some tests and for sure it will take time to get use to it.
1) Specially that when sandbox is on you cannot do changes in production it needs to do his sandbox. Some options are not available in Production when SandBox available.
2) Today when I opened sandbox for application, for the first time, my scheduled automation to do table import failed. Could this issue be connected to sandbox?

There's a problem with an Scheduled automation in the XXXXX app.


API not allowed when ALM is enabled, ALM production application cannot import data from one table to another.