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SAML Public Authentication Certificate for Signed Authn Requests

By Quickbase Team posted 10-31-2022 00:00


Many customers use our SAML authentication feature.  A subset of customers may have the “Signed Authn Requests” option selected in their Quickbase SAML configuration.  That option is a security enhancement that results in Quickbase signing the authentication requests made to the customer’s identify provider (IdP).  In order to validate that the signed requests actually come from Quickbase, we provide the customer with a public authentication certificate.  Customers using the “Signed Authn Requests” option must ensure their IdP is configured with the public authentication certificate from Quickbase.  If the public authentication certificate configured in the customer’s IdP does not match the public authentication certificate being used by Quickbase, the customer will not be able to authenticate successfully to the Quickbase platform.


Quickbase rotates the public authentication certificate every year and distributes it to applicable customers inside a certificate file via this Quickbase Community post.   Quickbase will communicate directly to realm and account administrators at the applicable customers the specific date/time on which we intend to update the certificate on the Quickbase platform.  When Quickbase updates the certificate, we do so during a 15 minute maintenance period on the announced date/time.  We strive to provide customers with enough notice of this maintenance period for them to notify their responsible staff, typically their IT department or whichever group within the customer’s organization is responsible for administering their identify provider (IdP) system.  The customer’s IdP administrator should plan to update the public authentication certificate provided by Quickbase during the 15 minute maintenance period announced by Quickbase.  Doing so will minimize the chance of the customer experiencing any interruption of their use of the Quickbase platform.


The NEW public authentication certificate is provided below for you to download and install on your identify provider during the 15 minute maintenance period.  The zip file contains both the metadata (with certificate contained inside) as well as the certificate itself.

CURRENT (Expires November 25, 2022):

NEW (Expires November 26, 2023)

The current public authentication certificate expires on Friday, November 25, 2022.  Quickbase plans to update the public authentication certificate on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, between 8:00 PM and 8:15 PM Eastern US Time.

Additional Information on SAML Public Authentication Certificate

During the period of time starting on the date that we announce our intention to update the certificate, and ending after the date/time we actually update the certificate on the Quickbase platform, we make both the current and new certificates available in this Community post.  After we update the certificate on the Quickbase platform, we then remove the now out-of-date certificate from this Community post.


Please note that customers who choose to use the “Signed Authn Requests” option must be prepared to manage the above mentioned certificate update process each year.  The option itself offers only marginal security benefit so customers should decide for themselves if that marginal security benefit is worth the effort required to coordinate and execute the update of the certificate and potentially incur several minutes or more of down time for their use of the Quickbase platform while the public authentication certificate on their IdP may not match the certificate used on the Quickbase platform.