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Quick Base Automations go live with scheduling

By Evan Martinez posted 06-05-2018 13:01

Quick Base Automations simplifies the creation of powerful apps with the ability to define business rules with clicks, not code. Create powerful business rules that perform one or more actions in response to changes in your app or on a schedule. Learn more in our blog post.

You can also learn more about putting Automations into use in your applications by consulting our documentation or viewing our training.
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08-18-2019 15:10

Anyway to test a scheduled automation prior to 3:00 am eastern? Manual refresh would be great.

07-09-2018 13:48

I had to google what UTC means.  I have feeling that Quick Base's day begins at 12:00 midnight Pacific Time as Quick Base is still a US focused company, which accommodates the rest of the world if they are OK with English.  So midnight Pacific is 3:00 am eastern, so maybe Automations are fired off at the same time subscriptions are, which I think is also 3:00 am eastern.

07-09-2018 13:26

My mistake I misquoted, it is around 8-10 AM UTC roughly, not EST. I'm so used to writing everything in EST. So that would make sense depending on your time zone. There is some variance in those times for specific Automations as the timeframes can shift slightly. 

07-09-2018 13:03

Seems like they're firing off much earlier. The past few days the automation I set up has consistently been running around 3:30am CST. But it's not biggie, I can adjust around that.

07-06-2018 14:54

Hi Jake,

The Automations are set to run roughly just after the time for our subscription service. The aim right now is to run around 8 AM UTC and go through the existing Automations set for schedule. There isn't a specifically set time block for a specific Automation though. Ideally if you want your sync to run first I would suggest scheduling it exactly as you did from 6-7 and then check the timing to make sure it works for you. The timing of those scheduled syncs is something that our team is looking at as part of the future roadmap but currently they are all set on a fixed schedule. I hope this information is helpful.

07-05-2018 20:19

Hmm. How early is early? I'm just curious because I have an automation that updates a "daily count" table, and it bases this off a connected table that also updates in the early morning ("Between 6 and 7"). Ideally I'd want the connected table to update first. If the automation is going to happen first then I need to change some things.

Ah well, I was hoping this was documented somewhere and I just hadn't found it. I guess I'll just wait and see when it runs, then figure it out from there. Thanks anyway!

07-05-2018 20:08

They likely run with Subscriptions, so I'm guessing early in the morning.

07-05-2018 20:07

When does a scheduled Automation fire if you've set it to "Daily"? Weekly and Monthly have follow-up options where you define specific days, but Daily doesn't have any additional options. When does it run?