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My Apps Page. Simpler. Cleaner.

By Evan Martinez posted 04-23-2018 17:54

Quick Base is dedicated to simplifying and improving our product experience for all customers. As part of that, the My Apps page will be changing as part of the release on May 21st to reflect a cleaner, more updated look. To help you find your apps more easily, weÕve added the ability to customize your app icons and their colors. For more information, visit our blog.



02-28-2019 23:04

Hi Ana,

The best way to find an app you have hidden from your My Apps page is actually to click right on where it says Advanced Search. This will take you to another page with a dropdown and one of the options is "Show a list of all apps to which I have been granted access". If you select this option and search you will see any app you have been granted access to, including any you have hidden, on that Account. You can do the same with the option to show any apps you manage. Ideally the apps will show up on one of those two lists depending on if you manage the app or were invited into it. 

If it doesn't show under the list of Apps you are the manager to or that you have been granted access to then your access to that app may have been removed. If that is the case you would want to reach out to the App Admin to be re-invited. I hope this information is helpful. 

02-28-2019 21:44

Hi. I have problems with this. I had hide some apps, but I can't find them neither by filtering all, nor by writing the name in adv. search. Am I doing something wrong?

07-16-2018 17:07

Glad I could help Adam, it is possible caching may have gotten in the way of that. It can cause changes to lag on occasion. 

07-16-2018 15:16

For some reason it did not work the first three times i looked, but of course now that you mentioned it I tried it again and is working...

Maybe a browser caching issue or something. Thanks Evan

07-16-2018 15:14

Same steps should work then, if you advance search for it and reopen it through the advance search it should be added back to the My Apps page.

07-16-2018 15:10

No, I accidentally selected "hide" for an app that I am developing and now it is not on MyApps and i would like to have it back on that page.

07-16-2018 15:03

Is this just to find an app that has fallen off of your recently visited list or been removed from that list? If that is the case the easiest thing to do is to use the Adv. Search option that appears in the upper left hand corner of the new My Apps page. From there you can search for it by name if you know the name or in the dropdown there is an option to see all apps you have been invited to or all apps you manage to help you find and access the application. 

07-16-2018 14:57

How do you show an app that has been hidden?

05-02-2018 19:22

Hi Justin,

Actually starting on May 20th our users are going to be starting their day in Quick Base with a  completely redesigned My Apps experience. The inclusion of App Icons is just one of those changes that is taking place. The new My Apps page features much of the same functionality as the current My Apps, but with a cleaner look and simplified UI. The redesign is based on feedback we?ve received from users that too much clutter, too many options, and similar-looking app icons makes it difficult to find just what they are looking for quickly and easily. And we want to get users to the apps they need as quickly as possible. Since this is a UI change that is going to be deployed to all users we wanted to let them know the My Apps renovation was coming so they aren't surprised by the new look on May 20th and worried they have ended up in the wrong place. 

05-02-2018 18:34

Looks nice, but why the hype? Email, blog, sticky posts.. I mean it's just an app icon right? 

04-24-2018 06:35

Can't wait for the May release. It looks fantastic. :)