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Charting Framework Deprecation

By Sam Jones posted 04-22-2018 17:27

Hi Quick Base Community,
As mentioned in our release notes this month, we'll be deprecating some older charting frameworks with our May release. These charts are used in a very small number of apps, less than .003% of active Quick Base apps.

While barely used by our customers, these frameworks have been a source of some security concerns. To help our development teams spend more time focused on delivering value to the vast majority of our customers, we'll be removing the code which supports these older charts.

Starting today, pages which include one of these older charts will see an message in an orange box alerting users to the upcoming retirement of these charts.

This week, I'll be reaching out to app managers and realm admins with heavy usage of these charts. So if you rely on one of these charts, you'll be hearing from me.

Our Customer Success Manager and Care teams have access to listings of all affected apps, and if one of your employees or Quick Base users reports seeing these alerts, you can reach out to our Care team or your Customer Success Manager for more information.

If you're a Quick Base Service Provider, you can log into the QSP Active User Growth app, and you'll see a report at the bottom of the home page listing any customers affected by these older charting frameworks, or still using old home pages.

Thanks so much,

Sam Jones
QuickBase Product Manager


04-23-2018 15:53

Hey Ashley,
If you can recreate those reports using our report builder tool, you should be fine. If you reach out to our Care team at https://www.quickbase.com/qb/support/listcases, you can open a case for assistance. Mention my name and I'll share this context with your Care rep.

Sam Jones
QuickBase Product Manager

04-23-2018 15:50

Good catch, Mark! 
I'll get on it.


04-23-2018 14:49

This is a Quick Base supported page of 502 icons that many of us use.  Is it on a list for a Quick Base staffer to update?


04-23-2018 14:34

Hi Sam,

The majority of the charts on our homepage are highlighted in orange. The ones that are highlighted in orange are commonly used by our staff members. How can I fix these reports so that they aren't highlighted in orange anymore?