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A field on my form won't accept values. I type in it and save, but the field remains blank. What's wrong?

By Brian Cafferelli posted 01-23-2018 20:36


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That field must appear more than once on your form. When that's the case, Quick Base must choose which value to enter in the field. To break the tie, Quick Base always takes the value from the last instance of the field, which in your case is the one you're leaving blank. If the duplicate field is a mistake, just delete the duplicate from your form. The field will then save values as you expect.

If you want to deliberately display a field twice, you can add a new Formula - Text field which displays the value from the desired field (To learn more, please see our Add a New Field help topic.) This field's formula should contain only a field reference to the field you want to appear twice. So, for example if you wanted to show the Company Name field, the formula would simply read: [Company Name] To learn more, please see our Using Formulas in QuickBase help topic. Insert the formula field on your form where you want to display the second instance of the field. The next time you complete that form, the formula field will automatically display whatever value you entered in the Company Name field.

To learn more about Quick Base forms, please see our Design a Form help topic.