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How do I easily create a recurring record or recurring tasks?

By Brian Cafferelli posted 01-23-2018 21:38


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You can add a recurring record or tasks link field (which can be made to look like a button) by using our Recurring Records Wizard.

The wizard will ask you for the table where you want this link field and then it will ask you for the date field that should be incremented to space the newly created records in time. This can be used for any table, not just tasks, to quickly allow users to create multiple copies of the same record spaced out over time.

When an end-user clicks the resulting link field they are prompted for how many copies they want and for what interval they want to use to space them out in time.

NOTE: This wizard works with application tokens (To learn more, please see our Quick Base Add-ons and Application Tokens help topic). If you want to use Application Tokens with this wizard add the following token to your application: c5gchf9bhwx6umbd2ii5zdqtb5x8
If not, you can leave the application's token requirement set to disabled.

Note: If the recurring record contains a Numeric - Percent type field, you'll need to adjust that percent value in new records you create with the recurring button or link. Quick Base automatically divides values in a numeric percent field by 100. This feature lets you enter percentages in whole numbers. So, if you want to enter a value of 30%, you can enter 30 in this type of field, and behind the scenes Quick Base records this value in its proper numeric format, which is .3. This division also happens automatically when you create a recurring record from the original. For example, if your original record contains a field called Percent Complete, which is set to 60% (really .6), any recurring record created will contain the value .6% (really .006).


03-20-2019 18:37

I think you would get a better response if you posted a new complete question.

03-20-2019 18:32

Can you share a little more on how you did this?

02-01-2019 15:37

Sara this is beautiful!!! Thank you so much, we have been trying to figure out a way to do this without webhooks (which I think can run loops) and without any other crazy user concoctions. We are going to use this not for dates but simply for when a user indicates a # of children records needed, the automation will create it for them - but the process you worked out should have a number of use cases moving forward (until QB makes this a feature of automations!) Thanks again.

01-28-2019 20:18

Hi Michael,

The Quick Base University does have a few lessons on Automations that might be helpful for getting started thinking about using Automations in your application. You can find them here:


There are also a few presentations that included Automations and their usage in the University section that has presentations from last years Empower that might be helpful as well. 

01-28-2019 20:08

Can you point me to a tutorial or something on automations? I am playing around with it and am clueless.

01-28-2019 19:39

I implemented what I think is a brilliant solution for my client.  In fact you do not need to create the next 100 recurrences which stretch out to 10 years out.  what you need is say only the next 2 occurrences to be auto created.  I set up a daily Automation to do that.  ie it runs each day and if there are not all least 2 future occurrence it creates one.  the setup is a bit more complicated than that, buts the gist.

01-28-2019 19:25

Is there anything that I can use that will make the date recurring but as well as specific start and end times? I'm using a scheduling app and the button posted above, but I need start and end times to recur with the dates as well.

Thank you!

01-23-2019 17:07

You have to create fields to track the # of recurrences, set the counter, decrease the counter with each pass of the automation. You have to be really careful not to get an infinite loop. 
In general, this is how it goes:
Set Counter = # Recurrences.
When Counter changes, as long as the Counter is greater than 1, add a new event and update the Counter to be 1 less than it was before.
You'll need the following fields:
Counter - this starts as the # of recurrences
Counter Decreased - this is a formula field that is 1 less than Counter

And if you're doing recurring events, you'll need a way to calculate the next date. I use a field that tracks the # of child records created. I use it as a multiplier to calculate the date for the next child record.

01-11-2019 20:31

Can you please explain how you were able to set the number of recurrences for an automation? I am not seeing any options for this.

Thank you,

10-19-2018 18:54

Nice solution. As we start to loop Automations, of course, some of them will be configured with infinite loops, in error.  Quick Base recently implemented a 99 loop limit to prevent runaway Automations.

10-19-2018 18:46

I implemented recurring events using Automation. If the user wants to create 5 instances of the event, they choose 5 as the # of recurrences. I created a "Counter" field to control the loop (initially it is set = to # of recurrences), and a "Counter Decreased" field to decrease the counter each time a child record is created. Automation handled this great. It allowed me to create a variable # of child records, and each child record is associated with the parent.

08-07-2018 16:34

Hey guys!  I'm using this Wizard and it is great, however, something odd is happening when we do produce the recurring dates.  The initial date/time starts as Date MM/DD/YY and Time = 12:00AM but the next recurring date produced is always Date +1 / Time = 5:00AM vs 12:00AM.  What would be causing this and how can we fix it?  Our time zone is set to CST for Texas.  Here is an image for better clarity.  

Thank you guys in advance!

07-25-2018 21:24

Edited to correct: It is a List - User field.

Is there a fix planned?

07-21-2018 20:47

Hi Deb,

The reoccuring record wizard should work with standard user field types, but the issue seen above by Ashish with list user fields is one that is known and is a limitation of the reoccuring record wizard. It does not have the capacity to copy over those list user fields as is. If you are seeing it having the same issue with a field that is specifically a user field and not a list user field when you open up that fields properties then I would suggest putting in a support case with the Care team so they can take a look at the issue with you in your application. I'm sorry to hear you are having that issue making use of the reoccuring record wizard. 

07-20-2018 18:33

Bumping Ashish's question. Why does the user field in each of the copies not grab the assigned user from the original task? The wizard is somewhat useless if we have to go in and manually edit every copy to re-assign the user.

04-13-2018 15:48

Hi Brian,
The userlist fields doesn't get populated correctly when using this service. Do you have any idea. All user field says "60329010.cibk