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Quick Base App Builder & Expert Builder Certification Now Live

By Evan Martinez posted 12-12-2017 14:08

Quick Base Certification is live! 

App Builder & Expert Builder certifications available.

Free through June 30th, 2018

Learn More Here

For Quick Base users looking for recognition of their app building skills, Quick Base Certification is the best way to promote your expertise.  The Quick Base Certification Program provides validation of the ability to design, build, implement and maintain custom Quick Base applications.  


01-25-2018 01:39

You are correct I do believe the University page should read the same as the post here on Community and say January not June. I'll pass that on to the team working on University. Thanks for the heads up!

01-24-2018 23:58

You guys should probably update this page with the correct expiration date.  First clue was that June 31st doesn't actually exist :)