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New Calendar Reports Are Simplifying How You Use and Share Information

By Evan Martinez posted 01-30-2018 16:36


A calendar is a calendar is a calendar, or is it?

Quick Base is simplifying how you share and present information with a new calendar report format that offers improved styling and features daily and weekly views, event colorization, double-clicking to add events, and more.

These calendar enhancements, introduced as part of the December 2017 release to customers who opted in, will be available to all customers by February 25, 2018. The feedback from participating customers has been positive and we will be releasing a few additional enhancements in February based on their feedback. We are excited to hear your feedback and we hope you are adding the release to your own calendar.

You can find even more details and example calendar reports in our blog here.


01-31-2018 14:47

@Gaurav, Precisely. 

Sam Jones
QuickBase Product Manager

01-31-2018 07:23

Can't wait for the upcoming release. I've created the same calendar to show the colors by creating some formula fields. Now, I don't have to create anything.



01-30-2018 18:29

Ok, good.  Then I'm actually excited now.


01-30-2018 18:16

The calendar will allow for colorization with the February 25th Release. That's a real screen shot from preproduction Photoshopped into a stock marketing image.

Sam Jones
QuickBase Product Manager

01-30-2018 18:00

That is what the Service Worker is for.

01-30-2018 17:50

The calendar doesn't allow for colorization as you show.


01-30-2018 16:55

This is great. When I get my hands on this feature I am going to create a Service Worker that will splice in an array of buttons that can manipulate the calendar.