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Introducing the Quick Base Builder Program

By Evan Martinez posted 02-28-2019 13:18

WeÕre excited to announce our Builder Program, a new way for you to build apps, develop and advance your skills, and explore new features.

The Builder Program is a free personal account for building non-production apps that never expires - perfect for trying new things, exploring features that your current account may not have, creating apps for personal use, and more!

So sign up today for your own account and get started on your journey here.


04-25-2019 20:59

Or may be it is not security related. Because this is brand new to the outside world (outside of QuickBase) it may undergo more changes and enhancements. Let's wait and watch how this turns out.

04-25-2019 20:56

Hmm, I agree with that data cleansing, so there must have been some other security loophole they found.

04-25-2019 20:39

I think QuickBase has already taken care of the privacy issue. I went through this process a few years ago. When you share the app to the exchange, you go through a process where you MUST clean up all the existing data and it will get populated with generic sample data and a special "Delete sample data" button is then created. 

04-25-2019 20:14

I think that a concern was raised where a new Builder employed by a company but using their own Builder account might be proud of an app they built and post it along with confidential corporate data in the Exchange.  I have a feeling that is why the Policy change.

04-25-2019 19:56

I apologize for giving you the wrong information, looks like we set down a few guidelines around sharing I hadn't seen yet. I just got the same information but I'll make sure to pass the feedback along. 

04-25-2019 19:53

Evan...Just learned that it is a policy not to allow us to share apps to the exchange. Yikes!

04-25-2019 19:39

Appreciate it.

04-25-2019 19:37

That is odd that you are running into that. We will be following up on your support case and touching base to see if we can get to the bottom of what is getting in your way directly.

04-25-2019 19:26

I am glad that you guys are excited about it as much as I am and was when I first saw this announcement.

I followed the online links on quickbase help docs as well as a screencast video on this topic. But I don't see the Share option. I only see Hide and Delete options when I click on the ... on any application from myqb page. I created a support ticket but I am only being pointed to the help article that I already looked at.

I don't know what I am missing.

04-25-2019 19:20

Updated Answer:

The builder plan does not allow for apps to be shared out via the Exchange. 

04-25-2019 19:04


Is it possible to "share" the apps I build here to the quickbase exchange platform?

04-03-2019 15:16

Hi Justin,

We do have an older sandbox Community that existed for when we were first setting up this Community two years ago. The Sandbox was a testing space for our move and it wouldn't be an active Community.

I wasn't involved in Community when it was being used. It looks like you got an invite to the Sandbox space for some reason and I can certainly look into why that is happening. Thank you for pointing this issue out.

04-03-2019 15:04

When you sign up for the Quick Base Builder Program, you get an invite to the Quick Base Sandbox Community. It's unclear what that community is for and how it is different from this one, other than it being less active. Could you explain the differences for me?

03-27-2019 08:25

Cool! I am now testing...  just joined the Builder program!

03-20-2019 18:36

Well, right. The data's the least of it.

03-20-2019 17:30

You SHOULD be able to recreate your app in your builder account and then create the tables. Then you can export your data from each table to spreadsheet (which will also provide you the field names to add to your table in your builder account app). basically the same as copying your app over but a few extra steps. Assuming of course it's a relatively small app... with no relationships otherwise you will have to reconnect as well... that gets painful

03-01-2019 16:57

Hi Jay, thanks for the response - you think it's possible exceptions might be made on a case by case basis? Might it be worth my time to open a Care case and ask? My app is quite obviously recreational (and unfinished).

03-01-2019 15:44

At this time, app transfers from another account into a Builder account are not allowed.  This is one of several guidelines in place to make sure a Builder account is used for its intended purpose.  Your post & inquiry is greatly appreciated, and keep it up -- we continually learn more through your feedback & insight!  Thanks.

03-01-2019 01:52

I'm curious about this as well; I've had Builder access for a while, and I primarily want to play with a couple of test apps I built using my existing authorization... I figured it would just be easy to transfer an app that I use recreationally, that I built and I am the only user, but there's no way to distinguish that it's 'non-production'

02-28-2019 20:38

Seems great! Is it possible to import a non-production app from another account?