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Some of my entries appear in red text. What happened?

By Evan Martinez posted 01-23-2018 19:59


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Typically, the field containing red values is a multiple-choice field. The red values are "orphaned" values. An orphaned value is an choice that was removed from the list, but still appears in some records. By showing that entry in red, Quick Base is alerting you to this disconnect. If you add that entry back to the multiple-choice list, those values will appear in black again. To do so, you must edit the field's properties. (To learn how, please see our Change the Properties of a Field help topic.) If ALL your entries are red, perhaps someone changed the format of your text field from "type-in" to "multiple-choice" by mistake. You can change it back to "type-in" without losing any data. Again, to fix this, edit the field's properties (please see link in preceding paragraph). If USER values appear in red, please see our Manage Users in an Application help topic to learn how to correct the problem.