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EMPOWER2018 sessions have been posted!

By Evan Martinez posted 04-02-2018 15:57


WeÕve started rolling out our breakout sessions for EMPOWER2018, our annual user conference! Click here to get an early look at which of the 45+ sessions youÕd like to attend. WeÕve broken them down by track and experience level to help you find the session thatÕs perfect for you. You can even find my very own session on tips and tricks for Application Sustainability along with sessions by other Quick Base Community contributors Sam Jones and Brian Cafferelli.

You can also check out our inspiring keynote speakers Ð we promise theyÕll have you at the edge of your seat.

DonÕt have a ticket yet? Visit our website and save your spot now.


06-18-2018 07:23

Okay sounds good. :)

06-15-2018 13:30

Hi Guarav,

This year we didn't have one single roadmap video, instead several of our PMs did sessions road mapping the work their teams were doing. For example the sessions Quick Base Platform Governance and Security: Our Roadmap and Roadmap:Turbo-Charing Your Team's Processes with Quick Base Automations. These sessions were run by the PMs that are overseeing those focuses in the product and include what their team is working on as a roadmap. The keynote also included a high level look at the roadmap.

06-15-2018 05:38

Hi Evan,

Can you please tell me where I can see the Quick Base product roadmap video?


06-14-2018 16:01

Our Empower sessions are now live in our University for viewing:


It is a great opportunity to find sessions you enjoyed or that you missed. 

06-12-2018 17:51

awesome, thanks Evan!

06-12-2018 16:28

The content from the speaker presentations and recordings of them are going to be hosted on our University site, they just haven't all made it in yet to be posted. Right now you can find our previous Empower sessions from 2017 up at the below listed link and I'll follow up to confirm when all of our 2018 content has been updated to our Empower Resources page in University as well. 

Empower Resources

06-11-2018 19:33

anyone know when the speaker presentations will be posted and where? I have been looking for them on the website and can only find a few. 

04-23-2018 14:00

Hi Matthew,

That is a good question given the change from previous years. I touched base with the Empower Team to get a little more information on the background for the change and they let me know popularity of the App-a-thon was one of the big deciders on this years change. We had so many interested competitors it went beyond the space and resources we had to accommodate the 100 competitors in the App-a-thon and we wanted as many of our users as possible to get a chance at the experience. We have actually already hit a wait list for the App-a-thon. This time around it meant we don't have the full bandwidth to develop and host a track that could fully challenge our developers. It is great to see the enthusiasm for the App-a-thon isn't confined to just our users attending Empower though. If this popularity continues I wouldn't be surprised to see more expansion in the future. I did pass your feedback along to the team for future planning. Thank you for the feedback and interest Matthew.  

04-20-2018 14:50

So did I read that correct...
""" In the spirit of a fair contest, we ask that professional Quick Base developers do not enter."""

i.e. You don't want to have the best compete against the best?  i.e. You don't want to show the true power of QB?  i.e. You don't want great marketing?  i.e. You want to take out one of the highlights of the entire Empower event?

Just wanted to make sure I understand that correctly.

p.s. I know its not your call, but who should we talk to for clarity?

04-20-2018 14:04

Hi Matthew,

This year there is going to be a single App-a-thon that is being run, there isn't two different tracks as previous. There is an FAQ up that is specific to the App-a-thon that can be found here:


It goes over the general guidelines and ideally will be a bit more specific for you. 

04-19-2018 19:13

What is the story with the App-a-thon this year?  Are they doing two different tracts again this year (Developer and Citizen)?  

I'm seeing mixed things from some of the marketing and wanted to see if I should plan on being there monday, or not.