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By Eliza Little posted 02-07-2017 18:03

Welcome to the new QuickBase community! We appreciate you taking the time to set your profile and participate!

Our new community has all the same features as our old community plus some new features I think you will really enjoy. You can read more about those features here.

We look forward to reading your posts and hope you will enjoy the conversations with other members of the community!

Eliza Little

Community Manager
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03-03-2017 16:24

Hey guys-There was a period of a few weeks where anything posted in the old community would not be included in the last data dump provided by Intuit. We did not want to freeze the community and not have a place where people could get help until this community was up and running so we allowed new posts knowing we would have to manually moved the questions and any comments/answers they may have, here after the fact. Dan has been helping do just that. They are not duplicate posts. We wanted to make sure they were not lost forever. :-)

03-02-2017 20:14

Previously when I was posting a question, I would get an opportunity to look at questions that closely matched my question and in some cases I would not post as the solution sufficed.  I liked that arrangement.    

03-02-2017 17:58

Dan is a QuickBase employee according to his profile.  There must be some confusion happening in getting old posts over to the new forum.  We seem to have duplication happening.  Hopefully Eliza can sort it out.

03-02-2017 17:51

I think Dan G. just really wants to get on the leader board.

03-02-2017 17:05

There are some interesting features in the new forum but I am having difficulty following some recent messages and the traffic volume is too high. Someone is posting what appears to be old questions and answers which makes it very confusing to follow what is going on.

Is the question still open? Are the prior answers insufficient? I don't understand the bulk of these recent messages from "(QB Support), Official Rep":


03-01-2017 14:32

Thank you Mark for the update and letting others know incase they run into the same issue! 

03-01-2017 02:51

Thank you for an up and close photo.  But you are MIA as the moment. Need some progress. 

03-01-2017 01:41

Yes, if you can locate the icon for a camera, you can upload an image file like a jpg. file

02-28-2017 23:59

Are we able to attach a file? 

02-23-2017 00:59

FYI,  I did have a problem where i was not receiving Notifications on New posts.  After some back and forth, Get Satisfaction support staff solved the problem.  Just FYI in case any one else has this problem.

02-23-2017 00:48

So much better in my opinion! Nice work QB peeps!

02-15-2017 16:03

Thanks Eliza!  This new community looks great and we are excited the direction QuickBase is going!!

02-14-2017 23:07

Arshad- Any email you have from an old post would have a link to our old community which is why you cannot access it. The post is here in the new community however the URL has changed. The suggestion Mark gives below is a great way to find your old posts!

02-14-2017 22:31

Unfortunately, there is no link back to the old posts as the Forum was moved to a new platform.  You will need to use key words to search for your old post, or else look in your own profile and you will see you old posts that you were involved with.

02-14-2017 22:28

What is this point system?  Why can't I access older posts to which I received response and alerts were in my email?


02-07-2017 22:31

Hey Mark-

We will be disabling the old community however we want to make sure we get all the posts over first. There will be a redirect posted soon which should help. :-)

02-07-2017 21:02

Hi Eliza,
Are you planning to disable new posts to the Old Forum?  How else would users know not to post there any more?