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Quick Base Release Notes for March 2019

By Evan Martinez posted 03-15-2019 18:59

With the March release, we're introducing our new Visual Builder and Settings panel. The drag-and-drop app-building interface and consolidated Settings panel will make it easier for new builders to get started.

We are also giving our existing builders more tools to create robust and powerful apps with custom data rules, improvements to APIs, and deeper insight into how fields are being used.

This Month we are spotlighting:
  • Visual Builder
  • Power BI certified connector
  • Custom data rules
  • Mobile app-Table access and new My Apps page
Full details on the release can be found in the release notes new home in Quick Base Help:


The March release of Quick Base, including the features and fixes listed in these release notes, will be available starting Sunday March 24th, 2019 once our release is complete.

Release Features
  • API Improvements
  • Field tracking improvements
  • Admin Console new experience for all & new app management pane
  • Rich Text fields can now be used in report formulas
Early Access
These highlighted features and more can be found in further detail in our March release notes. To keep up with upcoming releases and status updates for the Quick Base Platform you can always check our Status page.
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04-18-2019 21:37

This would be a User Voice suggestion. The forum here is really for peer to peer help and support is mainly for bugs and Restores and to some degree "how to" questions.

04-18-2019 21:25

Agree with Jonathan and Coleen that the dependency diagram is slick but only 90% of a complete feature.

1. legend or other indication what the color coding means
2. mouseover or other way to see the full field name
3. click through to field would be GREAT.

I came to say #2 - most field names that aren't super simple won't display entirely, making some of these diagrams in my environment actually useless.

Is this the appropriate place to record such feedback? I'm sometimes confused by the QB support ecosystem - it doesn't really make sense to open a support case for this, and Uservoice doesn't seem like the right thing either...

03-28-2019 18:30

Agreed with Jonathan that the dependency diagrams are great! What would be even more great is if the fields shown in the diagram could click out to their respective field settings!

03-28-2019 00:36

This is great thing "Power BI certified connector" thank you.
Where can I see all "connectors" Quick base currently has?

03-27-2019 20:17

Aside from the syntax, that should work. 

If the formula calculates to any non blank text, then the save will be blocked and the words will be presented to the user as the reason for the blocked save.

03-27-2019 19:48

I get the final output is text, but in your answer earlier you said you are solving for "null" which in my text expression I'm solving for "true" and the error message is not popping up, so just trying to figure out why it would not work.
ex. If( fieldA=xyz and fieldB="", "text message and no save")

03-27-2019 19:36

Hi Jonathan,

It should be that any blue dots are derived fields either pulling data via a Lookup/Summary or a Formula and the red dots should be static fields that data is input into. Those fields in red can still be fields that are updated by Automations, Webhooks, and APIs but they aren't directly being calculated in that field. 

03-27-2019 19:23

I really like the dependency diagram. Trying to figure out the red/blue color coding...  Also, it would be great to show the whole field name on rollover.

03-26-2019 21:59

It should be a formula text field type as it calculates the error message.  That works fine for me.  

03-26-2019 21:53

Have you had this work with a text formula expression or does it only work with a numerical outcome? We are not getting it to work looking at two text fields, one being populated and the other being blank.

03-26-2019 21:22

Advanced settings for the table.

Note that while there is a link there for some help, the undocumented trick is that you are building a formula text field that will calculate an error message which will be displayed to the user.

If the error message calculates to null, then it will save, else the save or entire Grid Edit save will be blocked and your error message words will display.

03-26-2019 21:16

Where do we build the custom data rules? I cannot find this in any of the settings, but I also do not know what I'm looking for. Thanks!

03-21-2019 12:46

Hi Ann,

We didn't alter the way formulas would display images in Quick Base but we did offer an option for file attachment fields in our February release to now display the image directly on the form. The image that displays directly on the file attachment field is a thumbnail so it is smaller in size but it shouldn't impact the way the separate formula field displays. Are you using a formula similar to:

"<img width=\"500\" src=\""& URLRoot() &"up/" & Dbid() & "/a/r" & [Record ID#] & "/e9/v0\" />"  

03-20-2019 17:01

Was there an update to quick base that changed how a jpg is presented in a form? I have a formula rich text field which used to present the jpg i would attach as an image that filled up the form. Now when i go in, the jpg is about 1/10 of the size to the point where you can't read what is in the image unless you click on it (which I'm trying to avoid). I tried adjusting the width and height in the Formula section of the field, but that didn't change anything?