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API Call to Download Data using Usertoken

  • 1.  API Call to Download Data using Usertoken

    Posted 05-03-2018 20:36
    I am having problems with an API call to download a CSV file. The application requires a log in, however I am having problems authenticating when using a user token.

    API call:

    https://<company.quickbase.com>... <DBID>?a=q&qid=29&dlta=xs%7E&ridlist=29561&usertoken=<usertoken>

    When I attempt to use the API call on a browser in which I am already logged in, I have no problem downloading the .csv, so I know the API call is correct, however, when I switch to different browser, Quickbase tells me I need to sign in, despite my inclusion of my usertoken.

    How do I fix my API call? (Thanks in advance)

  • 2.  RE: API Call to Download Data using Usertoken

    Posted 05-08-2018 20:25

    Hi Noah,


    for this I would suggest using API_GenResultsTable, which has a csv option, and also permits usertoken as a parameter. Here's an example:




    This should immediately force a csv download in your browser. Hope that helps!

     for ref: https://help.quickbase.com/api-guide/index.html#gen_results_table.html%3FTocPath%3DQuick%2520Base%25...">https://help.quickbase.com/api-guide/index.html#gen_results_table.html%3FTocPath%3DQuick%2520Base%2520API%2520Call%2520Reference%7C_____33">https://help.quickbase.com/api-guide/index.html#gen_results_table.html%3FTocPath%3DQuick%2520Base%25...


  • 3.  RE: API Call to Download Data using Usertoken

    Posted 11-13-2019 21:23

    If you need more data than a .csv can provide, we have built a tool called Paasporter that will extract your Quick Base data and give you a SQL DB.  Now you have the data you need and it is indexed so you can write SQL queries against it.

    If that would help let me know and I will demo it for you.


    Don Larson
    Westlake OH