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Everyone on the Internet

  • 1.  Everyone on the Internet

    Posted 06-20-2018 18:46
    I recently added Everyone on the Internet as a user to allow people from within my organization to submit incidents of concern into our application.  I created an Everyone on the Internet Role to ensure that they couldn't see anything in the application other than adding the record.  The problem I am having is that Quick Base has assigned all of my users this role as well as their original role.  This means when I try to write a form rule such as: Show Section XYZ when user is not in role Everyone on the Internet, it doesn't show at all because has that role by default.  

  • 2.  RE: Everyone on the Internet

    Posted 06-20-2018 19:04
    Yep, there are say a few billion people on the planet with access to the internet and among the "great unwashed' are your star employees.  So yes, they are part of everyone on the internet.

    You will need to write your rule to include the roles you want the rule to apply to, for example 

    any of 
    the user is in the role employee
    the user is in the role administrator
    the user is in the role viewer.

    or else the opposite, the user is not in any of those roles.

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    Posted 14 days ago
    What a bizarre response. You act like it was snobby or something for the OP to ask or make her remarks. It is a crappy design -- I can understand why it is and even it being a default, but not having the ability to remove users from the EOTI role and only have their originally assigned is a bad design. 
    So you got the rule for the roles, but what about if it needs to be dependent on other fields as well? Can't have both. Garbage design made worse by a garbage response to a customer.

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    Posted 14 days ago
    I'm hoping this is just a misunderstanding. EOTI is a user that essentially opens up your application to anyone with the link to it. Typically, builders will also create a role labeled EOTI for clarity and assign this to the EOTI user, giving anyone the permissions assigned to that role. I understand the frustration that comes from needing to use EOTI, but also needing to control access for your users in a specific way, but EOTI is exactly what it says - Everyone. It is an extremely powerful tool that must be used with great care and requires the app-builder to very carefully consider their setup. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove a licensed user from the EOTI setup. Thankfully, though, this question is nearly 3 years old and there have been a number of updates since then to make this easier.

    If you have questions about setting up an EOTI app, please post those and I'm sure the community would be able to help.

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    Atlanta GA
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    Posted 13 days ago
    Most people on this forum are not Quick Base staff, in fact very few of the people that actually post are. They are people that come here and give their own time to offer help. Some do it to bring in more business for themselves and others do it just because they enjoy helping people. In other words, most everyone you see here is a customer. 

    Also you can absolutely have a rule that takes into account both roles and fields. If you are having an issue creating a rule like that post a specific question you have in another topic and someone may help you.