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Email delivery platform with QB integration (MailChimp?)

  • 1.  Email delivery platform with QB integration (MailChimp?)

    Posted 12-10-2018 15:09
    I'm going to preface this by saying that I am a low code business user who wears many hats at our company. I have next-to-no knowledge about email marketing/communication, but here's my current challenge: 

    We are a saas company that until recently managed all communications with subscribers manually via Outlook. Given our recent growth, we need to manage in a more programmatic way. 

    There are two types of communication I need to tackle: 
    (1) Marketing emails for prospective subscriber
    (2) Welcome email + updates for subscribers

    Currently, we maintain all of our CRM data in QB: Contacts belong to Companies who are subscribed to Products. Currently, if we need to send an email blast to all prospective clients for a particular product, we simply export a QB report and include everyone in bcc. This is very limiting: the emails aren't personalized, they often wind up in Junk mail, and email design is very basic. 

    I really like the design capabilities of MailChimp, but I'm not sure how to connect our QB Contacts table to MailChimp's. I'm comfortable with Zapier, though for this use-case I would need to be careful with their "per automation pricing" (ie. it would be way more affordable to update MailChimp's contact lists once per day instead of every time a QB contact changes).

    I've looked into Juiced's Quickbase Courier, but it lacks the analytics I need (for now, I would just like to be able to track bounce rates). 

    I'm sure this isn't a unique challenge, so I'm hoping someone has tackled before! 

  • 2.  RE: Email delivery platform with QB integration (MailChimp?)

    Posted 10-22-2019 16:00
    If you still have a need, I have a solution for you.  SmartEmailReminder for Quick Base automates email sending for you.  Have a look here: http://www.softtechexperts.com/smartemailreminder.html.  Please contact me directly for more info.  Thanks.

    Joe Acunzo
    Quick Base Solution Provider
    203-481-1222 ext. 316