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Native TensorFlow Fields!

  • 1.  Native TensorFlow Fields!

    Posted 12-14-2018 14:45
    Native TensorFlow Fields!

    Here is a demo that might get your juices flowing as to what is possible. You can use Google's TensorFlow to do Machine Learning with QuickBase data using a single Rich Text Formula field.

    I will skip the details other than so say this QuickBase implementation repeats the same results as the Plnkr example:

    TensorFlow Fields ~ View Record 1

    Plnkr TensorFlow Example

    My immediate goal here is to not really package up TensorFlow in QuickBase (we will get to that shortly) but to explore loading ES6 Modules from a CDN into QuickBase.

    Unfortunately, you can't currently save an ES6 Module in a QuickBase code page or file attachment field because it is served with the wrong MIME type. QuickBase serves code pages and file attachment fields with the js extensions with the MIME type:
    when it needs to be:
    because ES6 Modules require strict MIME types.
    It is an easy fix and I am sure QuickBase will prioritize this so we can all write ES6 Modules and do Machine Learning with our QuickBase data
    Pastie Database

  • 2.  RE: Native TensorFlow Fields!

    Posted 8 days ago
    HI Diebolt,
    Any updation done to this ? if yes can you share me the details of it, I am trying to implement the Tensorflow.js in quickbase.

    Ved Prasad