• 1.  Summary of Training

    Posted 25 days ago
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    We have employees who progress from levels (1-4) in their trade based on completing various training tasks.  I would like to have a list of all the training for each employee showing what training tasks they have completed and which ones they have not (so they know what they need to do).  Showing what they have done is easy enough, it is including what they haven't done that I am unsure about.

    I have 3 tables at the moment for the training.

    A summary for each employee of completed tasks.
    A table with the completed tasks.
    A table with all the (119) possible tasks they can complete.

    I would like to have a report that shows the status of all 119 tasks for each employee.  I suppose I could have a record for each employee for each task and the status (complete or incomplete), but this seems very manual.  I am unsure if the list of tasks and status of complete or not complete would be done in a new table or just be a summary by the employee in the task list table.



    Ben Gillihan