Checking App Structure before I get too far

  • 1.  Checking App Structure before I get too far

    Posted 01-11-2020 17:06
    Edited by Ivan Weiss 01-11-2020 17:09
    I am working on a new application that is a task management system based on the Getting Things Done Methodology by David Allen.  I have tried too many tools to not really do what I want so figured might as well build my own.

    "Actions" are essentially my to do list in this system.  Under the program you tag "contexts" or places, people, things etc. that you can filter on to help you make a decision as to what you need to do.  So for example if I have 30 minutes available to me and I am at my computer I pick 30 minutes and computer as dynamic filters (in quick base terminology) and it filters down the tasks to show only those I can work on.  

    In this example I have the filters as multi-select text so we can pick them.  But I want to add people and companies as well.  So for example if I want to tag my boss so that whenever I am meeting with him I can see all of the actions tied to when I am with him in one filter.  The same for companies, if I am on the phone with the payroll company it doesnt matter who I am speaking to, but I want to see all actions I need to perform with them.

    So people and companies are connected via relationship (so I can link them) and they are both connected via many to many relationship to actions.  The only thing I am not sure about is really this is a one to one relationship but I dont think Quick Base supports that.  For each action I should only be able to associate it with one person.  Not a group of people.  I am not sure how I could potentially create that workflow.

    If I pick my boss for example I want that to auto associate the company since I know who he works for.  But sometimes it might be a person and no company associated (like something with my wife). 

    This is my app structure....  Just wanted to see if this generally makes sense before I get too far along here.

    I dont think I need a table for the contexts (time, urgency, etc.) and they can just be multiple choice in the actions table....  I think...

    Thanks in advance!

    Ivan Weiss