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populate calendar through a button

  • 1.  populate calendar through a button

    Posted 10-16-2019 15:10
    I have a an Icalendar field in my table that generates an .ics form when i fill in certain fields in my table.
    Problem is, every time i want to send someone a calendar invite, i would have to click on the generated .ics file, find it locally, and attach it to my email. Is there a way where:

     i click on a button/ check a field, and it auto-populates my default calendar app?  ms mail/ outlook/gmail..etc
    -kind of like the idea of mailto:

  • 2.  RE: populate calendar through a button

    Posted 10-22-2019 15:22
    SendToOutlook is an add-on that should solve your problem.  Very flexible setup.  Have a look at http://www.softtechexperts.com/sendtooutlook.html.  Please contact me directly for more info.  Thanks.

    Joe Acunzo
    Quick Base Solution Provider
    203-481-1222 ext. 316

  • 3.  RE: populate calendar through a button

    Posted 10-22-2019 15:49
    Make sure you have your default calendar app already set.  Using Chrome at least, when you click on the iCalendar field and download it, you should be able to click the up arrow next to the file and select "always open files of this type."   Select that and then the next time you click on iCalendar it should at least pop the invite for you in edit mode.  

    Also, I have formula field that will allow you the following if you are interested.  I found it be a little more natural.
     1.  Select date form calendar
     2. Enter start time separately
     3. Enter duration
     4. Have it concatenate the Start Date/time and calculate the Stop Date/Time for iCalendar export.

    Brandon Clark