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Pipelines, Data Transformation, and Jinja!

  • 1.  Pipelines, Data Transformation, and Jinja!

    Posted 18 days ago
    Hi all:
    Native QB builder here!  Don't know code but I am a certified app builder.

    I have been trying out pipelines and I have a use case that I am not sure pipelines is appropriate but I think it is.

    Here it is, I have multiple reports that I must export regularly from an application. I figured out how to Define a a Table, Search Records, and Add Conditions and Download the CSV file in a my first pipeline.  For example, I was able to create a CSV of a table that originally has 275 records in it. With the first few steps, I was able to query this down to 12.

    Now, here is where I get stuck. 
    1. I want to repeat the above process with a total of 69 separate reports that I have in QB, do I need to build 69 separate pipelines?
    2. I don't necessarily want all the records but I want the summary of those records.  So if I have 12 records that meet condition X.  I simply want a single record in my CSV that "totals" those records. I think I have to use some kind of computation in Jinja to make this happen, but just not sure what that is?

    So two separate problems here and I would love to have help on either of them.



    Melissa Freel

  • 2.  RE: Pipelines, Data Transformation, and Jinja!

    Posted 18 days ago
    I'm only up to Pipelines 101 myself, so far from an expert, and I know that there are Pipelines Office Hours every Thursday, (so another way to get at a free answer) but I do know that under the Quick Base channel there is a way to Prepare a Bulk record Upsert, which is like an "empty box" and then later to do a single step Commit Upsert which will merge in the records in the Upsert "box" into a Quick Base table.  If there is a Key field to that table which will eliminate the duplicates, then maybe when you upload with dups, only a single record will get uploaded.  I don't know if the Upsert will object to duplicate keys in the records to be Upserted.

    If that approach works, then you can continue to have steps to keep adding to your Bulk Record Upsert box and do one big UPsertg at the end of the Pipeline Steps.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
    Quick Base Solution Provider
    Your Quick Base Coach