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Save and Redirect Button That Passes New Record ID

  • 1.  Save and Redirect Button That Passes New Record ID

    Posted 11-26-2019 10:25
    The high-level desired workflow:
    1. Add New Record (does not have a Record ID assigned)
    2. Add information into [Field A]
    3. Click button or link on the form that
      1. Saves the Record (thus creating a Record ID)
      2. Redirects to a URL that passes both [Field A] and the newly created Record ID

    Additional information:
    • The URL this information is being passed to is an API to an external system (not QuickBase)
    • I'm unable to use the built in QuickBase webhook functionality because the URL being directed to is an internal network server. The browser on our devices has certificates created to make this server a "trusted" URL so we can navigate to it directly within the browser, however QuickBase attempting to reach our server using a webhook does not have a certificate and does not trust the location, thus it cannot be seen

    I am able to get the "Save and Redirect" portion working using build found in this thread, however I'm unable to pass the newly created record ID because at the time the formula link is being generated, it doesn't exist: https://community.quickbase.com/communities/community-home/digestviewer/viewthread?MessageKey=c59408cb-2abc-4bd8-94cf-e4e487fc7e7d

    This is the closest existing thread I could find requesting the same functionality, but am no where near getting it to function:  https://community.quickbase.com/communities/community-home/digestviewer/viewthread?MessageKey=5cf176ce-f70c-4a33-915c-f43db707d774

    Any ideas??

    Scott Robertson

  • 2.  RE: Save and Redirect Button That Passes New Record ID

    Posted 11-27-2019 11:28
    I don't recall the actual code for this... but if the save is from a JavaScript code page, then the XML response of the Edit/Add Record actually gives the new Record ID. I'm not sure if that helps you though.

    Ryan Stanford