Modify bulk records that meet criteria

  • 1.  Modify bulk records that meet criteria

    Posted 18 days ago
    I have a "Downtime Log" that contains records for equipment that is down. Records are created automatically at 15 minute intervals. If equipment is down for a day, 96 downtime logs are created (24 hrs x 4 records per hour). 

    Users then edit downtime logs to enter a reason for downtime. 

    I want to part-automate this process by giving users the ability update bulk records.

    I thought of creating a second table ("Downtime Automation") where users select the equipment, time period (start date/time -- end date/time), and downtime reason, and an automation applies the downtime reason to relevant downtime logs. But my automation is not finding all downtime logs within the specified time period. 

    Users specifiy the time period using start date/time and end date/time, which are lookups of date/time field from parent downtime log (value conditional on logs for selected equipment).

    Is there a reason why I cannot use these time values to filter logs? Is there a better way to achieve my aim?

    Any help much appreciated.

    Andrea Pahor