• 1.  Copy a field

    Posted 26 days ago
    I have set up a button on a record that when used will copy a file. We use this on a password table and has worked very well. We now want to use the same function in a different table. The problem comes is that the original code is done in javascript that we can no longer use.  Has anyone found a workaround or better way to do this? Code and example below. 

    var text CB= URLEncode([Username]);

    var text Alert= URLEncode("Activity Details" & " were Copied to the Clipborad");

    "<a class='Vibrant Success' style=\"border:0px solid green; background-color:#215732; text-align: center;\"href=" &

    "javascript:{" &

    "navigator.clipboard.writeText('" & $CB & "').then(function(){" &

    "},function(){" &

    "});" &

    "$.jGrowl('" & $Alert & "',{theme:'jGrowl-green'});" &

    "};" &

    ">Copy Username</a>"

    Joe Rachel