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Custom Separator In Text Field

  • 1.  Custom Separator In Text Field

    Posted 15 days ago
    Is it possible to create a custom separator in a text field? For example, if I want the input to be 4 characters, period, 3 characters, period, 3 characters. Can I set this as an input, similar to the separator selection in a numerical field (but custom)?

    Mike Tamoush

  • 2.  RE: Custom Separator In Text Field

    Posted 15 days ago
     I think you would have to do this with two separate fields. One would be at a dead entry field and the other would be a display field.
    I think because you're going to display back to the user in your dots separated format, there's a good chance that the users at least some of them might enter the data in that format. So the formula will probably have to strip out any non-alpha numeric characters like a period,  and then format the data to re-introduce the dot separators in the correct locations. 

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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