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Sequence of internal QB interactions

  • 1.  Sequence of internal QB interactions

    Posted 11-20-2019 04:55
    Edited by Stepan Gurov 11-20-2019 04:59
    Is there a known sequence of how internal QB interactions being performed?

    Internal app relation evaluation
    External app relation evaluation
    Formula evaluation
    Webhooks execution
    QB Actions execution
    QB Automations execution
    Notification alerts

    So in case you have particular field in the record being affected or triggering all of listed above, what is the order of evaluation of all steps (and if it's definite and predictable).

    If anything else is happening under the hood and worth mentioning, would be happy to know.

    Stepan Gurov

  • 2.  RE: Sequence of internal QB interactions

    Posted 11-20-2019 11:40
    Hi Stepan -

    Thanks for the question. Could you provide some context as to what you are looking for and the motivation? That might help our teams provide you the right information. You may also be interested in watching some of our past "Under the Hood" sessions from Empower. In general though, Quick Base is a special, in-memory, database. Formulas, evaluations, etc. all happen in the context of the running process in memory. We do have some things (such as Automations) that are specifically designed to run outside this context so that they can scale easier with volume (i.e., if a user needs to do processing on many records).

    Harrison Hersch