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issue with table home and search engine.

  • 1.  issue with table home and search engine.

    Posted 10-03-2019 16:33
    Hi !

    how to use App Page for Table Home Page?

    this one. https://prnt.sc/peisny. i have tried but i can't apply it on table home page.

    i am able to apply on App Home Page. But i need to apply it on table Home page.

    then i created a html and copy in a column and column used for a Reports. it's showing mei as dashboard.

    but My client want to add Search Engine. How to apply Search Engine.. when i have maked Table Home Page Custom by Fields Column with Rich text?

    Many Thanks

    nitin bisht

  • 2.  RE: issue with table home and search engine.

    Posted 10-04-2019 13:35

    At the moment tables can only display reports as a default page and not a home page / dashboard page like what you have shown.  Multiple pages can be set up for the dashboard and those pages could also be accessed by using a button, but it wouldn't be from the table.  Happy to brainstorm if you can give some background on this and what the user need is.


    Rick Shurtliff

  • 3.  RE: issue with table home and search engine.

    Posted 10-04-2019 14:01

    I am not exactly sure of what you are needing/trying to achieve. In the example below, the default report view has a search bar above it for searching the table and every table has this by default. In your screen capture I see three search fields. Are you wanting to search by these three fields in the table home page? That is not something that can be natively done in Quick Base, but you can add dynamic filters which allow to filter out records based on field selections.

    Another option is to change the default to the Advanced search form:

    Then the user can select advanced search criteria:

    to get filtered search results:

    Adam Keever