Glitch in Synced Table Refresh?

  • 1.  Glitch in Synced Table Refresh?

    Posted 20 days ago
    Edited by Mike Tamoush 20 days ago
    [EDIT] Discovered the error. Disregard!!

    There is something going on that seems like a possible glitch, but perhaps operator error!

    I have a synced table that refreshes every hour. Yesterday I got an error message on a refresh (an email). I went to check it out, and indeed there was a problem. I fixed the issue, and manually refreshed to check it. Worked great.

    However, every hour, I still get an error email. And if you look in the sync history, it does indeed show an error for each hour. However, there is no exclamation point by the refresh button itself (saying there was an error) AND if I manually refresh it works without an error.

    I cannot create the error or make the refresh fail, though it seems to think there is in a error every hour. Thoughts?

    Mike Tamoush