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multiple reference criteria for a status icon field

  • 1.  multiple reference criteria for a status icon field

    Posted 01-17-2020 05:51
    I have a status visual header for records. 
    This works fine when only looking at one field [status] but I want to add an additional criteria. If [status] is closed AND [filing code] is not blank , show a different header. 

    This is what I have

    "Logging","<img src=\"https://****.quickbase.com/up/bpxgbkbcm/g/rb/eh/va/logging.jpg\", width=\"700\">",
    "Allocated","<img src=\"https://****.quickbase.com/up/bpxgbkbcm/g/rc/eh/va/Allocated.jpg\", width=\"700\">",
    "Advice","<img src=\"https://****.quickbase.com/up/bpxgbkbcm/g/rc/eh/va/Allocated.jpg\", width=\"700\">",
    "Awaiting Reply","<img src=\"https://****.quickbase.com/up/bpxgbkbcm/g/rd/eh/va/awaiting_reply.jpg\", width=\"700\">",
    "Closed","<img src=\"https://****.quickbase.com/up/bpxgbkbcm/g/re/eh/va/closed.jpg\", width=\"700\">",
    If([Filing Code]<>"", "<img src=\"https://****.quickbase.com/up/bpxgbkbcm/g/rb/eh/va/records.jpg\", width=\"700\">",
    [Event - Filing Code]<>"", "<img src=\"https://****.quickbase.com/up/bpxgbkbcm/g/rb/eh/va/records.jpg\", width=\"700\">"))

    I tried closing the Case() before IF but then I get two versions of the image which is not right. 
    in this scenario I am seeing the closed icon but not the records icon on cases that do meet the IF criteria

    Can i do this easily without creating a variable?

    Owen Morgan

  • 2.  RE: multiple reference criteria for a status icon field

    Posted 01-20-2020 13:01

    Getting the syntax right is always a trick when you get beyond one or two sets of parentheses. In the Case Statement you can put additional criteria after the value of the case object.  I also recommend putting the images in variables so that your logic is easier to read.

    // Variable Images
    var text IMGOne =  long url string  one ;
    var text IMGTwo=   long url string two;

    // Logic and UI
    Case ( [Status],

    "Logging" ,  If (  isnull([Event Code]), $IMGOne, IMGTwo),
    "Closed"  ,   If (  [Checkbox]=true, $IMGOne, $IMGTwo)

    This keeps your Formula Rich Text Box nice and clean.

    Don Larson
    Westlake OH

  • 3.  RE: multiple reference criteria for a status icon field

    Posted 01-21-2020 07:36
    Edited by Owen Morgan 01-21-2020 07:36
    thanks Don, 
    I am not getting any closer I feel. 

    It's a formula to determine the status header image

    The field is called [status header]

    I want it to show the formula based on the status field EXCEPT when there is a filing Code [Filing Code] or [Event – Filing Code] both text fields.

    I cannot make it work! AM I missing something obvious? Is there a better way to separate the override that the Filing Codes mean for the formula??

    // Variable Images
    var text LoggingHeader = "<img src=\"https://****.quickbase.com/up/bp9dy8gr2/g/rb/eh/va/logging.jpg\", width=\"700\">";
    var text AllocatedHeader = "<img src=\"https://****.quickbase.com/up/bp9dy8gr2/g/rc/eh/va/Allocated.jpg\", width=\"700\">";
    var text AwaitReplyHeader = "<img src=\"https://****.quickbase.com/up/bp9dy8gr2/g/rc/eh/va/awaiting_reply.jpg\", width=\"700\">";
    var text ClosedHeader = "<img src=\"https://****.quickbase.com/up/bp9dy8gr2/g/rc/eh/va/closed.jpg\", width=\"700\">";
    var text RecordsHeader = "<img src=\"https://****.com/up/bp9dy8gr2/g/rc/eh/va/records.jpg\", width=\"700\">";

    // Logic and UI
    Case ([Status],
    "Logging" ,
    If (([Event - Filing Code])<>"" and ([Filing Code])<>"", $LoggingHeader, $RecordsHeader), $LoggingHeader,
    "Allocated" ,
    If (([Event - Filing Code])<>"" and ([Filing Code])<>"", $AllocatedHeader, $RecordsHeader),  $AllocatedHeader,
    "Awaiting Reply" , 
    If (([Event - Filing Code])<>"" and ([Filing Code])<>"", $AwaitReplyHeader, $RecordsHeader),  $AwaitReplyHeader,
    "Closed" ,
    If (([Event - Filing Code])<>"" and ([Filing Code])<>"", $ClosedHeader, $RecordsHeader), $ClosedHeader)

    Owen Morgan

  • 4.  RE: multiple reference criteria for a status icon field

    Posted 01-21-2020 08:32
    I created a bool to combine the two filing code fields, called "has no records filing code?" and is true when both fields are blank
    so working with that I tried this but I can't close it properly

    // Logic and UI
    Case ([has no records filing code?]=true,
    "Logging" , $LoggingHeader,
    "Allocated" , $AllocatedHeader,
    "Awaiting Reply", $AwaitReplyHeader,
    "Closed" , $ClosedHeader)
    , $RecordsHeader)

    Owen Morgan

  • 5.  RE: multiple reference criteria for a status icon field

    Posted 01-21-2020 08:57
    Edited by Don Larson 01-21-2020 09:02

    Two changes. 

    1) I put in variables to check the values from your Case Statement.
    2) I removed the extra parantheses around the fields in the If clause

    // Source Control

    // Variable Images
    var text LoggingHeader = "<img src=\"****.quickbase.com/up/bp9dy8gr2/g/rb/eh/va/... width=\"700\">";
    var text AllocatedHeader = "<img src=\"****.quickbase.com/up/bp9dy8gr2/g/rc/eh/va/... width=\"700\">";
    var text AwaitReplyHeader = "<img src=\"****.quickbase.com/up/bp9dy8gr2/g/rc/eh/va/... width=\"700\">";
    var text ClosedHeader = "<img src=\"****.quickbase.com/up/bp9dy8gr2/g/rc/eh/va/... width=\"700\">";
    var text RecordsHeader = "<img src=\"****.com/up/bp9dy8gr2/g/rc/eh/va/records.jpg\", width=\"700\">";

    var text Status = [Status];
    var text EventFC = [Event - Filing Code];
    var text FilingCode = [Filing Code];

    // Logic and UI

    // Debug Fields
    $Status & "<br>"&
    $EventFC & "<br>"&
    $FilingCode & "<br>"& 

    // Case Statement

    Case ([Status],
    "Logging" , If ( [Event - Filing Code]<>"" and [Filing Code]<>""$LoggingHeader$RecordsHeader), $LoggingHeader,
    "Allocated"If ( [Event - Filing Code]>"" and [Filing Code]<>""$AllocatedHeader$RecordsHeader),  $AllocatedHeader,
    "Awaiting Reply" , If ( [Event - Filing Code]<>"" and [Filing Code]<>""$AwaitReplyHeader$RecordsHeader),  $AwaitReplyHeader,
    "Closed",  If ( [Event - Filing Code]<>"" and [Filing Code]<>""$ClosedHeader$RecordsHeader), $ClosedHeader)

    Put this into the field and check the results.  I am hoping that you will see from the Debug fields that something is amiss in the data.

    Don Larson
    Westlake OH