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  • 1.  Help!

    Posted 12-16-2019 16:41
    Hi! I am using Quickbase to house and report call center metrics. It has proven to be a wonderful tool! I am however, running in to an issue in the displaying of true total service level metrics. This may be a simple fix that I am missing. I am able to formulate a true service level for each individual day, however it seems that the only totaling options available are to sum or average out the daily results.  I am looking to have the total fields/charts and graphs identify the true service level as is done in each individual day. Essentially, the service level is measured as Calls Offered-(Calls answered after threshold+Calls abandoned after threshold)/Calls Offered. How can I ensure that any total fields/charts enact that same formula in reporting?

    Ben Glaser

  • 2.  RE: Help!

    Posted 01-04-2020 21:21
    Hi Ben,

    Not sure if you've found your answer yet, but I can sympathize, having worked in the Call Center industry for a number of years!

    The best I can come up with (in QB) in order to have the summaries and reports show the correct data is to "flatten" it with the use of a parent table.

    Using the parent table you can build summaries for each Offered, Answered, and Abandon. Then recreate your Service Level formula on the Parent as well.

    Basically you're taking out the need for any 'summarizing' on the Service Level before building your reports or charts.

    If you want this reporting by day then it may be easiest to create records in the parent that go out a number of days and set a date field to the key field. Then in the relationship to the call data instead of using the "related parent" as the key reference, you can use the date field and the relationship will 'automatically' populate (this may depend on how the calls are getting entered into the QB).

    This method can get more challenging as you may want to report weekly, monthly, or quarterly... again flattening the data.

    In these cases, it may be better suited to do the analysis/reporting outside of QB.

    Let me know if this information is helpful 👍😀

    Sharon Faust (QuickBaseJunkie.com)
    Founder, Quick Base Junkie