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Auto-Scroll after redirect

  • 1.  Auto-Scroll after redirect

    Posted 10-17-2019 12:13
    Is there a way in a URL formula button to, when redirected to a URL, scroll or load to a specific position on the page?

    Jordan McAlister

  • 2.  RE: Auto-Scroll after redirect

    Posted 10-17-2019 13:36
    Hi Jordan,

    Would this be a specific place on a Quick Base page I assume?

    There isn't a native way to set up a button to load to a specific place on the form or something like a tab but I have seen some discussions on the past of going out of the box and using anchor tags on the form pages, searching that might help you find the existing discussions. Besides that if being able to open to a specific place on the form via a button would be helpful I would suggest adding it as a User Voice request. The Quick Base User voice can most easily be accessed from the My Apps page in Quick Base by clicking on the orange Feedback tab that appears on the right of the page or at http://quickbase.uservoice.com by signing in with your Quick Base credentials. This way our Product Development team can see the interest in buttons that can go to specific places on forms and other users can add their vote as well. You can even add the link here to the request so that other Community members can also vote.
    #Button #UserVoice

    Evan Martinez
    Community Marketing Manager
    Quick Base

  • 3.  RE: Auto-Scroll after redirect

    Posted 10-17-2019 15:29
    thanks for the info! I might submit a new discussion once i look into those anchor tags, but you may know the answer to this..if I make this anchor tag hidden from all users, but it still technically exists on the form in a certain spot, could it still work - or does it have to be visible to work?

    Jordan McAlister

  • 4.  RE: Auto-Scroll after redirect

    Posted 10-17-2019 15:46
    The Anchor Tag field needs to be visible on the form, but it can be set on form properties to have no label, hapence invisible. 

    Its a Rich Text field type like

    "<a name=DealerClaim></a>" 

    Then at the end if the URL you suffix like

    &  "#​DealerClaim"

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
    Quick Base Solution Provider
    Your Quick Base Coach

  • 5.  RE: Auto-Scroll after redirect

    Posted 10-17-2019 14:35
    You could look into anchor tags for this. I had explored them for my app but never fully finished looking into it. It had an issue where when it scrolls down it scrolls too far in QuickBase but it was pretty close to where I wanted on the page. I'm sure that could be fixed.