Bi-directional sync flags for two tables

  • 1.  Bi-directional sync flags for two tables

    Posted 21 days ago

    The situation is that we are implementing a bi-directional sync of a table (incidents) between two systems.  When the client system initiates a record update, the QB does not differentiate between an external system or a made by a regular user.  So what is happening is that an update incident via API call, QB triggers a QB 'record updated' webhook, which sends a record update back to the original system (i.e., infinite loop).


    Is there a way to filter out incidents, so the webhook only triggers updates for changes made by a user rather than via an API call?  For the moment, I have a temporary fix, filtering updates made by the built-in field 'Updated By  <> 'Integration user''.


    Is there another way to set up API credentials, so you know if records are modified by an API token rather than a user?   Is there another way to solve this problem?

    Asad Jobanputra