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    Posted 26 days ago

    Does quick base have a feature where i can do the below intended steps?

    1) get a excel file from user as an input
    2) rename it to what i want 
    3) save it to a location on another server/pc with the new name 

    Ashwin sivadas


    Posted 18 days ago
    Edited by Evan Martinez 18 days ago
    Hi Ashwin,

    I just want to get a clearer idea of what you are looking for. You are looking to have a user upload an excel file and then in QB you want to edit the name of that file and then save it to another location with the new name? The easiest way to update a file attachment's name is to download it from the record in QB where it is hosted, rename it, and then upload it. The records keep the file name of the file when it was uploaded into QB for identification. It is possible some people here in Community might have a work around they have used in the past to download a file with a changed name but renaming and resaving is the easiest way currently with native file attachments.

    Alternatively if you are hoping to upload the data into QB and then download it with a new name you can upload data into a table in quick base and create a report for that data and download it with the table's name if you are simply looking to upload the data and then to be able to download it when done. 

    Evan Martinez
    Community Marketing Manager
    Quick Base