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API_GetUserInfo problem?

  • 1.  API_GetUserInfo problem?

    Posted 11-07-2019 14:17
    I was trying the API_GetUserInfo call and was getting an unexpected result from the API. 
    It's returning "Received err #5 : No Such Operation."  All the other API calls I make are coming through as expected.  I'm using Python and customizing the PyQB library to add in some user management functionality.  My API_SendInvitation, API_ProvisionUser, and API_ChangeUserRole are all working properly.  My XML request looks like this:
    Header looks like:
    headers = {
    Can anybody run that API call successfully and see if it's just me?  (It smells like the server to me.)

    David Choi

  • 2.  RE: API_GetUserInfo problem?

    Posted 11-07-2019 15:27
    Could you post your customized code for GetUserInfo? It is better to give all the info possible in case it was something simple that was missed. 

    The API call works for me. I tested it just now and did not get a response telling me it does not exist. But that doesn't help you that much because I did not use your code.

  • 3.  RE: API_GetUserInfo problem?

    Posted 11-07-2019 16:16
    Well...woops.  For anyone out there, my problem was I was using:
    I should have been using:
    Also, I was using the wrong URL...that one needs to be: 
    I was trying to use to use:

    David Choi