Way to replicate Behavior of Native 'Create New...' ?

  • 1.  Way to replicate Behavior of Native 'Create New...' ?

    Posted 15 days ago
    Edited by Mike Tamoush 15 days ago
    When you have a related field and are selecting an option, if you don't see the option you need, there is a native 'Create New xxxx' at the bottom of the list.

    When using this feature, it creates a new record (in a pop up), then navigates back to the original record you started on AND autofllls the related field with the new record you just created.

    Is there a way to replicate this behavior with a custom button? I can figure out most of it, but not how to autofill the related field with the newly created record. And I can't do it with a pop up..

    Or in other words, when I am creating a button that adds a record, is there a way to get the Record ID of that new record? (I know QB just added %%rec%%, but I believe I can only harness that when launching from an add record, to grab that Record ID, NOT if I am using an add record API)

    Mike Tamoush