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Categories & SubCategories

  • 1.  Categories & SubCategories

    Posted 05-08-2020 15:34
    If I have a Multiple Choice field "Categories", and another multiple choice field "SubCategories"... can what's selected in the Categories determine what options there are in the SubCategories?

    Megan Hardison

  • 2.  RE: Categories & SubCategories

    Posted 05-08-2020 17:07
    How are the fields populated?

    If they are text multiple choice you can accomplish it using dynamic form rules, a better idea would be to have the a child table to generate the categories.

    The dynamic drop down will be easier to maintain and update.

    Paul Peterson

  • 3.  RE: Categories & SubCategories

    Posted 05-08-2020 17:15
    Yes, this is called a Conditional drop down,  but to set that up, you will need to use tables and relationships for your choices and not the simple multiple choice button.

    There would need to be a table of Categories. 
    Then a Table of SubCategories and for this Table the Key field must be left as Record ID#.

    Then enter all the values.  I recognize that the same words for SubCategories may need ot be entered twice or more.

    Then back your record you will have a relationship to select a Parent Category.
    Then a Relationship to select the Subcategory.  That is where the magic happens.  The the field for Related Subcategory to be conditional to match where Related Category on the record matches Related Category on the Subcategory table..

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
    Quick Base Solution Provider
    Your Quick Base Coach