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Translate combined-text (summary) into multiple-choice field

  • 1.  Translate combined-text (summary) into multiple-choice field

    Posted 18 days ago
    One project has many order lines, or items on the estimate. We often will label multiple order line items with a "group" name for custom sorting and displaying. The [Group] field is just a text field, so it can contain whatever the user wants to call the group. The project has a combined text field summarizing/listing the different groups the user has entered on the order lines.


    I want the user to be able to select one of those group names in order to generate a PDF estimate with only the order lines with that group name. (Never mind the PDF logistics; we have that under control) I thought it would make sense to have a multiple-choice field that populates with the text that's combined in that summary field.

    What I expect, and maybe what I need instead
    Something like "Input type: From another field" and then you would select the combined-text field. But that's not an option. Is there a workaround? Perhaps an interim format (some kind of text field?) that could be used as the source of the multiple-choice entries?

    Many thanks!

    Ryan Farrington
    Graphic designer, project manager, copywriter, engraver, internal Quick Base developer

  • 2.  RE: Translate combined-text (summary) into multiple-choice field

    Posted 17 days ago
    you might be able to solve this with pipelines.

    1. You could create a 'groups' table
    2. When someone adds a line item with a group value typed in -- trigger your pipeline
    3. Query groups table for this value (to keep these clean/unique in case people type the same thing commonly)
    4. If the group doesn't already exist, create it then relate it to the line item, if it does exist, relate it to the line item
    5. set up your report/search based on the related group field

    Charlie Murawski