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Living Table Function (Google Docs look alike function)

  • 1.  Living Table Function (Google Docs look alike function)

    Posted 28 days ago

    Hi Team,

    I've recently created a multi user application where several users are updating a single table at the same time. I am using color coding to specify which records are currently being worked using a rich text button which triggers the QB API Edit Record to check a "In Progress" checkbox which then colors the row based  on which user hit in progress. 

    In my current version of this flow, anytime the user click on the rich text buttons on the report, it refreshes the entire page in order to capture other peoples input. That being said given the refresh behavior, some records get double worked on which is causing a delay.

    Anyone know a way to get color coding to occur for everyone in a similar way to which Google Docs present a living document?


  • 2.  RE: Living Table Function (Google Docs look alike function)

    Posted 28 days ago

    Maybe instead, have the permissions set so that a user cannot modify a record if it is "In Progress" and the user is not the person currently working on it.

    You will probably need to have both a Check-in and Check-out button for your users, but this should work better than relying on the color coding.

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