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Change the Date in "Date Created" Field

  • 1.  Change the Date in "Date Created" Field

    Posted 18 days ago
    Hello - I'd like to change the date in the "Date Created" field for a few records in a table. Is this possible?

    The table automatically creates records on the last day of each month - formulas then reference the "Date Created" field to display "January" "February" etc. All reports for the table are filtered by month fields that reference the "Date Created."

    The automated table has worked without flaw for about eight months, so I don't want to change the automation or have to use very specific IF statements in the formulas - however, I need to manually add records with months in the past. Since the month field displayed is indirectly tied to the "Date Created" field - I simply need to manually input the correct dates. Hopefully some of this context helps - even though the question is very simple.



  • 2.  RE: Change the Date in "Date Created" Field

    Posted 18 days ago
    You may not edit that field.  It is automatically populated and is in act part of an Audit trail which says reliably, when the record was created.

    However, you can add two new fields

    [Date Created Override]
    [Date Created Created Final]

    The formula for the latter would be

    IF(not IsNull([Date Created Override]),[Date Created Override], [Date Created])

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