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Pipeline & Oauth 2 Token

  • 1.  Pipeline & Oauth 2 Token

    Posted 04-07-2020 14:50
    Good Evening

    I am trying to use Pipelines to connect QB to Azure for the purpose of dropping a CSV file on the server.

    I have sorted most of this however the OAuth 2 Credentials seems to be not working, I have never done this with Pipelines before so it is entirely possible that it's me that is doing something wrong. I am pretty sure that the 3 fields are filled out correctly (Client Credentials, Client Secret & Token URL). 

    My question is this:
    When you fill in the data should you get the access token returned automatically or do you need to use a GET command?? If it is the later please can you cut/paste a screenshot or add an example as it seems that the data I am adding is not returning the token.

    Many Thanks

    Paul Paul

  • 2.  RE: Pipeline & Oauth 2 Token

    Posted 19 days ago
    Edited by Robert Gagliano 19 days ago
    I'd also be interested in the answer to this question.

    We are trying to use the Make Request service to send data to a Google API using a Google OAuth2 Client, but continue to receive Invalid grant_type: client_credentials

    Google OAuth2 Clients generally require a user to provide consent, which then returns an access token that is used to make authenticated API calls. Since Google OAuth doesn't appear to support this type of grant_type, can anyone provide the recommended approach?