Moving Existing Table To Connected Table

  • 1.  Moving Existing Table To Connected Table

    Posted 05-28-2020 12:51

    In order to optimize the available storage space, I'm attempting to move table records from a table in Quick Base to a new table in the cloud. What is an efficient way to do this using Google Drive or similar service?

    Background Info

    I have a table with two fields, the key and timestamp. Clicking on the key pulls up a large form (about 300 fields). Ideally, I would like to retain this behavior. Here is my thought process on solving the problem:

    1. Take the existing two-field table and expand it to include all of the fields needed from the form. The table would have the fields organized left-to-right in the order appeared in the form.
    2. Because the table has 10,000+ entries and about 300 fields, it can't be downloaded all at once. The data is broken up and then merged back into a single CSV file.
    3. The file is uploaded into Google Drive.
    4. A connected table is created in the app.
          I haven't completed the step below due to technical difficulty.

          5. Creating a new form that is identical to the original.

    I suppose it should be noted that this table will only need to be read, editing the records shouldn't occur.

    It's a bit tricky making sure the steps are completed right. For instance, making sure the correct set of records is downloaded and duplications or exemptions are nonexistent. This might be an issue causing the technical difficulty stated above. When attempting to pull the data from the table, the error states that the source "contains non-unique key values".

    Kyle Prince