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Unable to delete a report

  • 1.  Unable to delete a report

    Posted 05-15-2020 12:29

    I have a report that was created in an app by a user who is no longer on this particular app. There is a report that was created in the App for his use that no one uses now. However, whenever the app is attempted to be deleted, it can't be.

    As you can see in Attachment JRR 1, If you go to the settings, and Reports & charts for the table, if you checkmark the specific report, the Delete button is greyed out, and the Delete X is missing from the far right by Copy.

    In Attachment JRR 2, in the table, under reports & charts Organizing, if you click on the report, there is a rename and Report settings, but no delete.

    I have looked at the settings of the app and there is nothing within that I can find that will block you from deleting.

    How can I get rid of this report?

    Les Kimbler

  • 2.  RE: Unable to delete a report

    Posted 05-15-2020 12:34
    Edited by Mark Shnier (YQC) 05-15-2020 12:35
    A golden rule of QuickBase development is that the report initially created by the system called list all with an Report ID of 1 should never be tampered with.
    It's just always good to have an unfiltered report with a bunch of fields just so you know you're seeing everything when you're doing a search.
    One thing special about that report number 1 is that you cannot delete it.

    So what happen is that the person who created that report took the list all report and started making around with it to add filters and group bys. 
    So what I suggest you do is to rename that report to be the List All  report and be sure to remove all the filters and there you go,    you now have a list all report.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
    Quick Base Solution Provider
    Your Quick Base Coach

  • 3.  RE: Unable to delete a report

    Posted 05-15-2020 14:15

    Awesome. I don't know that i ever realized that the List All couldn't be removed, and didn't realize that's what this person changed.

    Thanks for your help.

    Les Kimbler