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Email Notification from Task

  • 1.  Email Notification from Task

    Posted 12-20-2019 09:50
    I've searched high and low through the posts and don't think I'm finding any solutions for what I need.  When a user is working on a task, we will need to send email notifications to a contact who may or may not have access to our application to provide updates.  So dilemma 1 is being able to send to someone who doesn't have access to the application.  Our company deals with protected health information (PHI) which would restrict any patient data being emailed unsecured/unencrypted.  So dilemma 2 is that the email button on the form won't work because it's sending our form that has PHI in it.  My final dilemma is that I don't want the recipient to be able to reply to the email they receive.

    Is there a way to create a button on the form that allows a user to send an email notification to one or more recipients who may or may not have access to the application, regarding a task with limited information being included in the email?

    Danaya Bryant
    Business Analyst
    The van Halem Group

  • 2.  RE: Email Notification from Task

    Posted 12-20-2019 10:16
    Email Notification comes in two types as the very first option when setting one up.

    Recipient (ie users)
    Open - anyone

    If you are not seeing open as an option or it wont save, then you need to put in a support ticket to ask to enable your Realm for open Notifications.  It's just a security thing that they err on the side of caution .

    The email address fields can just be listed veritically in the box

    [email 1]
    [email 2]
    [email 3]

    Also you did not ask this, but there is a technique to actually send professional quality emails with full HTML generated by a word document with fields values inserted.

    The basic technique is to create the Word document with fields in [square brackets], then copy and paste the Rich text off the Word docuemnt into a Rich Text Quick Base "page".

    Then the page has a switch to expose the crazy HTML and you just copy and paste that into the email notification and enable HTML.  There is also a way to include images such as your company logo so it looks like a "letterhead' document.

    There is also a way to mass fire many emails all at once to a list of external recipients due to be emailed .... so lots of options here.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
    Quick Base Solution Provider
    Your Quick Base Coach