• 1.  Audio player integration?

    Posted 22 days ago
    Hi All,

    I'm very new to Quickbase and beginning to plan my first app. I'm looking to integrate RingCentral with QB and create a new record in QB every time a call is recorded in RC. This would be done using Zapier. Users will fill out a form to log the call in QB and enter the phone number used in that form. What I'd like to do is build a button that uses that phone number to search the RC recordings table that's created to support the Zapier integration to find the call they just did in RC and link it to the call log form. In order to make sure they have the right call (some users use a generic conference number that never changes for calls, so the same number could have results for multiple users) I'd like to have some functionality for them to listen to the call in QB via a media player. At the moment, there's a file field on the form and I manually drag and drop hundreds of call recordings every week. That drag and drop creates a link on that record after it's saved and when that link is clicked it opens the file in a new browser window and the browser plays the file with its media player. I'm hoping to cut that process out and just be able to play the file right from QB. There also needs to be a download option from the media player, as our transcribers need to download them to use in their transcription software. Thoughts?

    Also, open to ideas one how to build the search button. My first thought was the button would open a pop-up window with the results, and there would be a checkbox next to the audio file record. There are sometimes more than one audio file associated with one call because calls drop and have to be restarted. So, in the pop-up the idea was to be able to select one or more audio files and then click an "add to interview" button to create the link. Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for any input.

    Daniel Johnson