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Maximum Date Summary Field - Midnight Issues

  • 1.  Maximum Date Summary Field - Midnight Issues

    Posted 11-19-2019 16:08
    hey guys!

    I am having an issue with a date/time summary field. I have a child table with a date/time out field. this is on a report where these show as child records in a report on a main service report. I have an automated field showing when the main record is closed, which is supposed to be based on the most recent time entry from the child records. At first glance it seems to work. However, when the time is midnight it's not behaving properly. 

    So I have 2 child records with the following date/time out:
    11/15/19 @ 2am
    11/15/19 @ 12am (midnight)

    So it should show the midnight entry as the most recent, but it's showing the 2am entry as most recent. Which I get the logic behind, but I need it to not do that. If I change the midnight entry to 11:59am then it works as well, however, this looks very odd on our service reports.

    Does anyone know of a work around to make this function properly without having to put midnight as 11:59am when we are talking the end of the day?​​


  • 2.  RE: Maximum Date Summary Field - Midnight Issues

    Posted 11-19-2019 17:50
    I'm not sure i 100% understand the issue, but if you want to re categorize the date or the time that a certain timestamp is done, like the edge case of midnight, then you can make a formula field mirror to adjust by formula to 11:59 and based your summary fields on that artificial field.

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