Calculating the # Days between records

  • 1.  Calculating the # Days between records

    Posted 13 days ago
    From time to time the question comes up on this Forum as to how to calculate the time between records.

    I just had a client request this, and unless you know for sure that there are a very limited number of child records per parent, this cannot be done natively.

    The use case was that One Machine has many Service Events.  Just to make it more challenging the Service Events were tagged with a multi-select fields for all the Services which were done on the Machine on that Service Event Date.

    I hooked up with a programmer to write a script which normalized the data into a child table per Service Provided per Date and calculated the # of Days between Service Events for a given Service Type.

    So this can be done.  It does need a small budget to get the script written, but if you have an important enough use case, it may be worth it to your organization. ​

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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