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If Statement using Multi Select Fields

  • 1.  If Statement using Multi Select Fields

    Posted 26 days ago
    I have a tasks table where a user can pick a task from the task library (another table) and a library role field populates. However, they are also able to enter a new task with a new role. I've created a formula text field called Task Role to show the Library role or the new role, whichever is populated. But both fields are multi-select and it's giving me an error. Here is what I have for the the formula:

    List (",",
    If(Contains([Library - Role],""),[Select Task Role(s)]),[Library - Role])

    Error is on the Select Task Role(s) field ... says expecting text but found text list.

    Jamie Owens-Knight

  • 2.  RE: If Statement using Multi Select Fields

    Posted 25 days ago
    If you want to manipulate information from a Multi-Select Text field in a Text formula, you must first convert it from a Text List to standard Text. The way to do this would be:
    ToText([Select Task Role(s)])​
    This will convert the Text List to a single string of semi-colon separated text values. If you want the list to use a different separator (such as a comma), you will need to also employ a search and replace function like this:
    SearchAndReplace(ToText([Select Task Role(s)])​,";",",")​

    Blake Harrison - DataBlender.io
    Quick Base Solution Provider